At Imperial Capital, our Equity Trading department is dedicated to providing quality execution with value pricing across all equities, ETFs and options.

Our Equity Sales and Trading Team provides research-driven trading ideas and real-time analysis of complex trading situations for our institutional clients. We have a distribution network of 50+ salespeople who facilitate accountable trading execution in illiquid situations and ensure real-time information flow on all relevant securities. These knowledgeable and experienced sector traders provide an informed execution service to our clients, thereby allowing for better control over their transactions.


    By analyzing the full capital structure of a company and drawing on our deep knowledge of the restructuring and bankruptcy reorganization process, we provide unique insights on post-reorganization equities. These insights and analytical skills enable our equity clients, who may not be well-versed in the complexities of restructurings and bankruptcies, to better understand and identify value in the market for reorganized equities.

    We trade both listed and over-the-counter public and private equities of companies that have restructured pursuant to Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

    In addition to trading public reorganized equities, we have extensive expertise in trading private and unlisted equity securities, particularly where the terms and conditions of the securities require special documentation or are subject to special conditions. Our equity clients are assisted by our institutional research professionals to value and assess complex reorganized equity situations. These research insights and support are highly valued by our clients.


    Preferred securities, although often volatile, can offer intriguing risk/reward characteristics within the context of financially distressed firms. Having an accurate view of valuation is absolutely essential in the capital structure because, in the worst-case bankruptcy scenario, the recovery on such securities can be minimal. Imperial Capital's research expertise in the areas of valuation and bankruptcy process offers particular value in helping investors identify opportunities and manage risk.

    Even if a preferred stock opportunity is identified, the lack of liquidity in these issues can often make it difficult to participate. Here again, Imperial Capital's extensive coverage of the institutional marketplace, including private equity funds, gives us access to key participants and allows us to source securities of interest to our clients. Conversely, we are also very adept at assisting holders with concentrated positions to diversify risk.

  • Event-Driven/Risk Arbitrage Equities

    Imperial Capital has a dedicated team with expert knowledge and deep experience in sophisticated event-driven, arbitrage and special situations. The team encompasses analysis, sales, sales trading and trading with over 75 years of experience between them on both the sell side and the buy side.